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Why People Have a Hard Time Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are conditions that many people go through on a daily basis, so why does it seem like no one ever understands you? This is because of one simple reason. Even though many people suffer from these conditions, there are far more people who have never been through it. Unlike an illness such … Continue reading

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How Can You Keep Anxiety at Bay?

Anxiety is more than just a feeling and it can control the lives of many teens across the country. Anxiety is constant overthinking about even the smallest things. This never-ending worrying can lead to a number of issues such as stress, lack of sleep, irritability, lack of concentration, and even depression. However, is it possible … Continue reading

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Are You Too Hard on Your Teenager?

Anxiety disorders among teens don’t just happen overnight. Setting aside natural and biological factors like hormones and whatnot, there are certain external circumstances at play. Although this isn’t usually the case, there are things that can happen in a child’s life which could consequently set the stage for anxiety disorder later on as they grow. … Continue reading

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Anxiety Disorder in Teens: A Pandemic

Being anxious is totally normal. In fact, we feel anxious every day of our lives. One can be anxious when taking a test, having a job interview, or performing on the stage. It’s how our bodies react during a stressful situation. And, it’s not all bad. Anxiety, in its own unique way, can actually help … Continue reading