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Coping with Anxiety and Depression During the Holidays


Can depression and anxiety mar the holidays? Unfortunately, it can to some people. Since these days tend to be filled with a lot of merry-making, we would want to enjoy it more with people who are dear to us. However, when these people are not around due to a sudden passing, illness, or breakup, the holidays can be very depressing to face.

Do you have a teenager who is manifesting signs of emotional lowness that you perceive as depression? We understand how this can be difficult for you as parents. As a center for teen anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, California, allow us to share these coping tips as the holidays approach.

  1. Reach out to your child.
    At this moment, they may have felt very isolated or lonely, thinking that nobody cares about how they feel. When they see that you’re actively reaching out to them, they will feel your support. Consequently, this can uplift the blues they could be having.

  2. Help your child to validate their sadness.
    Recognize that this emotion is real and should be respected through expression. Allow them to cry or share with you how they exactly feel so that they can pour out their feelings and can be unburdened by them.

  3. Recognize your teenager’s needs and uniqueness.
    Perhaps, there have been differences of opinions and principles that have escalated into a conflict that resulted in their negative emotions. Remember to respect the difference and allow love to prevail.

  4. Plan to do activities together, especially something that both of you are excited to do.
    For all you know, your child only wants to spend more time with you these holidays and so they’re being forlorn. Talk about how you can enjoy these holidays together so you can have something to look forward to and the negative feelings can evaporate.

  5. Learn to refuse invitations or activities that can keep you from having quality time with your teenager in the holidays.
    When you see that they’re being down, your presence and support as parents can do a lot in affirming to them how worthy they are of your time. When you’ve acquired the art of refusal, your child can also see how much you’re truly willing to make time with them.

  6. Seek external support.
    As parents, there may be some generational gaps that silently exist between you and your teenager, and you may find it extra challenging to understand what they’re going through. Our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles has a well-trained staff whom you can ask support from in engaging your teenager’s emotional battles.

Celebrating the holidays is a wonderful memory to seal in the hearts and minds of your children. When your teens have gone through deep and dark experiences, allow the holidays to serve as the restart button. Let them create new memories with you so they can find proactive ways to overcome depression.

At Teen Anxiety, you have friends who will back you up in nurturing your teenager’s emotional health.

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