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Reducing Your Teen’s Avoidance

Often, teens avoid going back to the place or places where they experienced having a panic attack, afraid that the uncomfortable physical sensations will come back. Although understandable, avoidance only worsens anxiety and increases the chances of your teen to experience more anxiety attacks. Teen anxiety therapies encourage gradual reintroduction to each stressful situation, starting … Continue reading

Cellphone Addiction Among Teens

It is no secret that many teens today have an intricate relationship with technology. They use it both inside and outside of classrooms to make the grade, they maintain their social lives with the use of various applications and social media platforms, and they use it to stay organized and on top of many of … Continue reading

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The Hidden Signs of Teen Anxiety

Teens may go through some amount of anxiety at times. But it is a normal reaction to stress, and sometimes it helps them cope with overwhelming situations. For many teens, events like public speaking, competitions, or even going out on their first date can cause a ton of apprehensive feelings and uneasiness. Because adolescents are … Continue reading

The Benefits of Joining an Anxiety Support Group

Anyone inflicted with anxiety would be reluctant to go into an anxiety support group. The usual worries and what-ifs can hinder you from even trying to go to something that might not be able to help anyway. Having administered various anxiety therapies, we at Teen Anxiety would like to enumerate the following benefits that you … Continue reading