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Mending Early Attachment Trauma

A child can develop early attachment trauma after experiencing any of the following: abuse, abandonment, neglect prior to age two or three, or the sudden death/disappearance of the primary caregiver. These traumas can have a subtle yet long-lasting effect on a person’s emotional and mental health. Teen Anxiety is here to provide our patients with … Continue reading

Handling Big Emotions as a Teen

We all have to admit, most of us would want to repeat being a teen. It’s hard to manage all the various changes that are happening all at one – physical changes, life changes, especially emotional changes. During the teenage years, our brains develop at such a rapid pace that it puts our limbic system … Continue reading

Making a Good Impression Despite Living with Social Anxiety

To a degree, it is reasonable to be afraid of making a first impression. When you’re diagnosed with social anxiety, the task of interacting with others can turn into a nearly impossible feat and it may take a couple more therapy programs before a person can get over it. While good impressions are not necessary, … Continue reading

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The Major Types of Anxiety Disorders

Let’s familiarize ourselves with the major types of anxiety disorders that require therapy programs provided by mental healthcare institutions like Teen Anxiety. Here’s what you need to know: Generalized Anxiety Disorder This is an anxiety condition that is characterized by chronic anxiety, tension, and exaggerated worry, even when there is little to nothing to provoke … Continue reading