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Common Mental Health Problems Most Teens Experience

Common Mental Health Problems Most Teens Experience

Most adults assume that puberty is the only thing that worries teenagers. They often forget the biggest influencer of mood and mental health – the brain.

As a teen’s body changes, so does their brain, and during these times things might feel a little strange and confusing – for both the teen and their parents.

Hormones that are present during this stage of development combine with these new changes and ways of thinking, sometimes causing chaos in teen thought patterns. This, in addition to genetics and environmental factors, is one of the reasons why teens are at risk for numerous mental health problems, such as:

All these changes are enough to make anyone – both adult and teen – feel a little unstable, so it’s important to identify and understand the difference between normal teenage pressure/stress and more serious problems.

Teen Anxiety is here to provide you and your loved ones with the best quality mental health services meant to help you cope with existing mental conditions and Phobias.

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