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What Does Teen Depression Look Like?

What Does Teen Depression Look Like

The problem with teen depression is the fact that many people do not know what it looks like because they have never been through it. For many people, depression can simply look like your teenager is under the weather, having a bad day, feeling sad, or they may even act or look completely normal when you are around. This is what makes depression so difficult to spot and such a challenge to treat.

So what does it look like? And when is it a good time to start thinking about sending your child to a teen treatment center in Los Angeles?

  • Lack of Motivation
    One of the most common symptoms of depression is lack of motivation. When someone becomes depressed, the only thing they want to do is stay in bed all day. This is not because they are tired but simply because they have no drive to do anything. Even your teen’s passion may no longer excite them and could actually add onto their depression when they feel guilty for not doing what they love or for not living life to fullest.
  • Short Tempers
    When we think of depression, the first thing that comes to mind is sadness. Sorrow does play a large role in depression but depression is a mix of many emotions including anger. When a teenager is depressed, they may become irritated easily or lose their temper quicker. It can be easy to think of many reasons why they are doing this but it is important to also consider depression. When one is depressed, they are not only sad about their lives but it can be frustrating because they do not know why they are feeling like this. It can push them to their limit and can cause angry outbursts over seemingly small things.
  • Failing Grades
    Another sign of depression is a drop in their grades. Being depressed can make you feel apathetic towards everything. You just do not care anymore and you may see this in their grades, especially if they were a good student in the past.
  • The Hardest Part
    However, many teenagers who have depression try to hide it because they do not want others to worry about it or they feel like it will go away soon. This is where it is the most difficult to spot and the reason why it is so crucial to pay attention to your children. If you notice your teen doing unusual things or getting into habits that they normally wouldn’t do such as not doing what they love anymore or getting mad easily, then you may want to start considering the possibilities of depression.

For more information on depression and teen anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, California please get in touch with us at Teen Anxiety today. We are a teen treatment center focused on helping your teen regain their happiness.

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