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Are You Too Hard on Your Teenager?


Anxiety disorders among teens don’t just happen overnight. Setting aside natural and biological factors like hormones and whatnot, there are certain external circumstances at play. Although this isn’t usually the case, there are things that can happen in a child’s life which could consequently set the stage for anxiety disorder later on as they grow. Some of these things that can lead to anxiety disorders among teens can be traced back to the upbringing of the parents.

Of course, parents would give the world to see their child grow up to be the very best. And so, they sometimes set the bar a little bit higher than what is usual. This can be quite problematic for some teens who are after their parents’ approval. When they find out that they can’t achieve the standards set by their parents, they become anxious and more fearful. In fact, you don’t necessarily need to set the bar higher. Even a mere comparison between siblings or someone else places great pressure on the teen. The slightest and seemingly trivial things that parents do can somehow ultimately make the kid more anxious than the usual. But we really can’t put the blame on the parents because some of them are raised in a similar manner or environment. Some are just raising their kids the way they know how. And so the vicious cycle goes on and on. As much as we would like to think of this as a hypothetical scenario, it unfortunately does happen in our society.

So what can you, as parents, do? You can start with acceptance. Accept the fact that your teen will make mistakes. But it’s what enables them to find out who they are. It’s how they learn. Give them the time to find their selves and passion. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t put expectations. Just be realistic. For parents who have teens who are suffering from some sort of anxiety disorder, you can still make it up to them by helping them. You can begin by taking them to anxiety treatment centers around the country, like for instance the teen anxiety treatment center in Los Angeles, California. The next thing you have to do is to avoid shaping your kid to who you are or what you want them to be. Allow them to grow and find themselves under your watchful eye.

For teens with difficult parents, there is no need to harbor grudges. This may be hard to understand, especially under the circumstances you are in, but you have to look beyond and outside the picture. Understand that your parents are simply just after your own good even though they may not know how to explicitly show it to you in a graceful and appealing manner. For teens who developed an anxiety disorder, there is hope for you. Seek help from professionals at Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles and make peace with your parents. One day when you grow old, you’ll look back and thank your parents for helping you in getting to where you are right now.

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