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Anxiety Disorder in Teens: A Pandemic


Being anxious is totally normal. In fact, we feel anxious every day of our lives. One can be anxious when taking a test, having a job interview, or performing on the stage. It’s how our bodies react during a stressful situation. And, it’s not all bad. Anxiety, in its own unique way, can actually help us. For instance, when we attempt to do something risky, it’s what makes us think twice about our decision. It surprisingly protects us from unnecessary harm or danger. However, the trouble begins when anxiety starts to go out of hand. It’s the irrational, excessive, and unreasonable anxiety which has plagued humanity, especially teens that need teen trauma treatment in Los Angeles.

Data from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication showed that roughly 31.9% of adolescents had some kind of anxiety disorder. And from this group, 8.3% are estimated to have severe cases. And this study was done during the early 2000s! Just imagine what the numbers would be right now. It’s quite sad to think that some don’t take anxiety in teens seriously. Although it’s a known fact that teenagers are emotional, there are cases where the conditions are beyond normal. And this is the challenge—to identify the signs of irrational anxiety in teens. What we can do, however, is to educate ourselves and be aware of these signs. Although situations may be different, teens with anxiety disorders display irrational fears and excessive worrying. This irrational fear and worrying are what keeps them from developing into their full potential.

Fortunately, for worried parents or anxious teens who are out there, there is hope! Nowadays, anxiety can be treated. It may involve going to a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or any other licensed medical personnel. And there are numerous treatments centers all over the country ready to help you. In fact, there is a teen anxiety treatment center in Los Angeles, California if you happen to be near the area. Aside from medication and treatment centers, there are also other ways to help manage your anxiety. You can meditate, listen to soothing music, or even exercise.

But even with the abundance of treatment methods and medications, anxiety disorder among teens is still a problem. Let us do our part as friends and family and show every teen that they are not alone in their fight against anxiety disorder. For some of the teens who are reading this who are probably experiencing some kind of anxiety, you don’t have to face it alone. Let your friends or family help you. Let us help you at Teen Anxiety.

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