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Making a Good Impression Despite Living with Social Anxiety

Making a Good Impression Despite Living with Social Anxiety

To a degree, it is reasonable to be afraid of making a first impression. When you’re diagnosed with social anxiety, the task of interacting with others can turn into a nearly impossible feat and it may take a couple more therapy programs before a person can get over it.

While good impressions are not necessary, it can be helpful in building positive relationships with other people – anxiety can, however, mess things up.

To help, we’ve compiled a few tips you can use to overcome anxiety in a social setting.

  • Don’t try to change who you are.
    Someone who you want to build a solid and stable relationship with is someone who likes who you are, not who you pretended to be when you first met them.
  • Dress to impress.
    Although following your own style is important, dressing up for the occasion and looking your best is the best way to make a good first impression. After all, how you dress can say a lot about you.
  • Remove any distractions.
    This might include ensuring that your cell phone does not ring in the middle of your conversation or even putting it on Do Not Disturb so the vibration doesn’t give you FOMO.

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