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Handling Big Emotions as a Teen

Handling Big Emotions as a Teen

We all have to admit, most of us would want to repeat being a teen. It’s hard to manage all the various changes that are happening all at one – physical changes, life changes, especially emotional changes.

During the teenage years, our brains develop at such a rapid pace that it puts our limbic system into one of the following: fight, flight, or freeze mode. When the brain enters any of these modes, it is less likely to access executive functions like reason, the use of good judgment, or logic.

Fortunately, Teen Anxiety is here to provide you with top-quality mental health services to help your teen cope with the many changes they are going through in this period of their life.

One of the services that we offer for teens that have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Here, the patient is given techniques and strategies on how to accept life’s problems and challenges, understanding and overcoming negative feelings and thoughts, and living life fully according to one’s chosen values.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is also one other option teens can benefit from. Here, the patient is taught how to accept the changes that they may experience in life. This service can help teens be more mindful and aware of their experiences, cope with stressful situations in a healthy way, and help them regulate their emotions effectively.

Changing negative thinking patterns can also be achieved with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

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