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Mending Early Attachment Trauma

Mending Early Attachment Trauma

A child can develop early attachment trauma after experiencing any of the following: abuse, abandonment, neglect prior to age two or three, or the sudden death/disappearance of the primary caregiver. These traumas can have a subtle yet long-lasting effect on a person’s emotional and mental health.

Teen Anxiety is here to provide our patients with ways to heal and cope from this condition, for them to live a normal and healthier life.

Our earliest relationships served as models for how we expect the world to work and how we anticipate others will behave. Therefore, understanding our attachments to our parents or caretakers can offer us useful information on why we live our lives the way we do today.

Quite a lot of us who experienced an insecure attachment pattern in our early childhood years will go on to unwittingly recreate strained, hurtful, or painful experiences in later adult relationships.

One option to explore is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, wherein your psychiatrist will examine how your negative thoughts contribute to your anxiety, as well as how you respond to it.

You can also learn how to accept change and alterations in life with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Contact us today for more information about our services. We offer other programs that may be beneficial for your teen, like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

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