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5 Signs that Your Child Might Be Suffering from Anxiety

Parents’ Corner 5 Signs that Your Child Might Be Suffering from Anxiety

Parents, listen up! Anxiety in our teenage sons or daughters is not something they can just “get over” with. It is more than just feeling down and scared. It is akin to a monster creeping in their bed even if it is no longer night time. It is constantly there. And it will never leave unless appropriate help is rendered.

Part of proper parenting is making sure that our beloved children are mentally fit as well. When it comes to anxiety, we must be extremely vigilant. Though the dilemma is mostly a mental game, the damages can be external.

How to know if your teenagers are afflicted with this menace? Here are five critical tell tale signs:

  • Disturbed sleeping patterns.

    Anxiety challenges both the mind and heart. It is a disorder that keeps you awake at night and drained the whole day. You may feel like someone else is looking at you even if no one is around. As a result, you may never find internal peace. This is when the body develops insomnia. Your brain gets so restless to the point that it resists sleep.

  • Attitude change.

    Are you noticing that something is off with your child lately? Take note that anxiety is terrifying. Until you experience it, you will never know the depths it can dive. For frail children who suffer from the disorder, it may crack them emotionally. As a defense mechanism, they tend to cover their sufferings and mask themselves with the persona of other people.

  • Alcohol or drug dependency.

    Is your child a formal and goody-two-shoes student until he or she becomes dependent on drugs and alcohol? There might be a story behind that. Anxiety is a transformative disorder. Due to the pressure it exudes, patients feel helpless and hopeless. It can change the nicest and kindest persons into monsters. Sadly, no one is safe from it.

  • Isolation.

    A noticeable sign that your child had succumbed to anxiety is if he or she chooses to be alone. It is often a reaction amongst children to seclude themselves when they feel traumatized, rejected or misunderstood.

  • Poor scholastic performance.

    Statistics would show that school is a major contributor to anxiety among students, most specifically, grades. This is why psychologists encourage parents to avoid expecting too much from their children. It is wrong to impose that they should become honor students and claim awards. Doing so will unduly burden the child and push them to feel small, useless, and unwanted.

No parent will be happy if they know that their beloved children had developed anxiety. Questions, fear, and confusion must have filled your mind. Let Teen Anxiety enter your lives. We specialize in teen anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, California. We provide programs and services focused on improving your young one’s mental, emotional, and psychological well-being.

We will always be a Teen Treatment Center in Los, Angeles you can count on. For your inquiries please do not hesitate to send us a message online.

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