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6 Tips for High School Students

How to Achieve a Healthy School Life Balance? 6 Tips for High School Students

In high school, you will experience tons of “firsts”. There is your first kiss, first dance, first love, and of course, first heartbreak. This will be an understatement but – it will be a rollercoaster ride! Due to abrupt changes (other than physical) happening to you, it is not hard to get stuck in between. This is usually where problems occur with high school students.

Despite the academic and social pressures, try not to give in. For sure, harder things will come underway. But do not fret, instead, be more eager. Be excited. Do not be afraid to try but always remember to take precaution. To achieve a balanced high school life, try to ponder on the following items:

  • Set priorities.

    You can never really have it all. You need to screen your goals and pick out ones which are most sustainable and feasible. Once you know what you wanted, exert your utmost efforts. Work your way to the top. Do your best and keep that fire burning.

  • Be comfortable in your own skin.

    Never dress to impress. Instead, dress to express. So long as you are not violating other people’s rights with your looks and lifestyle, just keep on doing what you are doing. Do not let other people’s opinions get to your head. There will always be haters but they cannot get you unless you allow them to do so.

  • Accept your mistakes and imperfection.

    You are imperfect and so is everybody. The key to surviving high school and finishing it beautifully is embracing your true self. If ever you err at some point, pick yourself up and learn from the experience. By doing this, you are training yourself to be more aware and keen the next time around.

  • Find true friends.

    Find peers that you can express your true self to and them to you. You can test if the friendship is real if, during the tough times, they are still there for you.

  • Your parents are your best advisers.

    Your parents may be boring and strict but they have been where you are right now. Find enough time to bond and talk to them heart-to-heart.

  • Set time for relaxation.

    Avoid being burnt out! Your body has limits and you have to respect them. In your jam-packed schedule, always include a day exclusively set for R&R.

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