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How to Help Your Teenager Find and Keep Good Friends

How to Help Your Teenager Find and Keep Good Friends

Teenage friendships nurture a sense of value and worth. When teenagers feel that they belong in a particular circle, their risks for acquiring anxiety and depression can lessen. But is there any way that parents can help their teenage children to find the right kind of friends? As providers of Teen Anxiety Treatment in Los Angeles, California, we say yes.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask your teenager some reflective questions on friendship.
    Let them evaluate the qualities they want to look for in a person whom they want to be friends with for life. Encourage your teenager to look for other value-laden factors aside from common interests.
  • Encourage your child to start conversations.
    If, however, you find that they have social anxieties, consider taking them to get anxiety therapy in Los Angeles.
  • Remind your teenager that not every person they meet can be their friends for life and not every conflict can break friendships apart.
    These are natural aspects of relationships that teenagers may have a difficult time coping with.
  • Be conscious of your personal opinions when it comes to your teenager’s social circles.
    If you are not particularly feeling positive about the ones they are hanging out with, frame your words carefully when addressing this matter. Instead of telling them you don’t like their friends, ask why they like spending time with them.

The journey to gaining quality friendships for a teenager can be enriching and empowering especially to one’s emotional health. So when your child is spending time with people they consider friends, help them to evaluate their choices carefully. Apply prudence in your words and opinions.

These friendships can also affect your child’s mental health. So when you observe signs of depression or anxiety troubles, don’t hesitate to consult with therapists who treat teenage anxiety in Los Angeles. If you’re facing this particular concern today, visit us at Teen Anxiety. Our center is welcome to entertain your inquiries and questions.

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