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Myths You Might Have Believed About Panic Disorder

Myths You Might Have Believed About Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is one of the many mental health conditions that is often misconstrued. And because of that, Teen Anxiety has decided to round up a couple of misconceptions you might have encountered about it:

  • Panic disorder causes a loss of self-control.
    Panic attacks are scary and not pleasant to deal with, but they will not cause you to entirely lose touch with reality either. At most, it can lead you to feel disconnected. However, it does not readily imply a case of psychosis.
  • Panic disorder endangers your body.
    Common symptoms of a panic disorder include an increased heart rate, trembling, sweating, shortness of breath, and shaking. In the worst scenarios, it can even lead to fainting. But, it is not a life-threatening condition.
  • Panic disorder signifies emotional instability.
    If you have been diagnosed with panic disorder, it does not imply that you are weak or dramatic. What you have is a real and recognized mental health disorder. It may not be something that you choose to have, but it is something which you can choose to overcome.
  • Panic disorder revolves around a bad childhood.
    It is only natural to look for the root of a problem. But, a bad childhood isn’t the cause of a panic disorder. In reality, the exact cause for this condition is still unknown. However, experts have theorized that certain factors such as genetics, as well as, environmental and biological influences might be behind it.
  • Panic disorder remains untreated.
    There is no ultimate cure for a panic disorder. However, signing up for Teen Anxiety Treatment in Los Angeles, California can help; more than you think it can. And yes, we have specific programs that can help you overcome panic disorders as well. It’s never too late to get better to want to get better.

Know the real truth about panic disorder.

Don’t believe anything you see, read, or hear at face value. If you’d like to know more about panic disorder and teenage anxiety in Los Angeles, call us.

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