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Encouraging Adolescents to Make Responsible Choices (2)

In a previous article, we discussed about extrinsic motivation and how it can affect your teen with their decision making. By applying a punishment or reward system, parents can motivate their children into doing things that they normally would be skeptical to do. This, of course, can be effective to some, but let’s discuss one … Continue reading

Encouraging Adolescents to Make Responsible Choices (1)

Some teenagers may not feel motivated to excel in school, make socially ethical decisions, and tidy up their rooms without their parents having to ask or remind them. These behavior may seem like irresponsibility and lack of motivation to some parents; when in reality, they are due to misplaced motivation. Majority of adolescents want to … Continue reading

Mending Early Attachment Trauma

A child can develop early attachment trauma after experiencing any of the following: abuse, abandonment, neglect prior to age two or three, or the sudden death/disappearance of the primary caregiver. These traumas can have a subtle yet long-lasting effect on a person’s emotional and mental health. Teen Anxiety is here to provide our patients with … Continue reading

Handling Big Emotions as a Teen

We all have to admit, most of us would want to repeat being a teen. It’s hard to manage all the various changes that are happening all at one – physical changes, life changes, especially emotional changes. During the teenage years, our brains develop at such a rapid pace that it puts our limbic system … Continue reading