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Making a Good Impression Despite Living with Social Anxiety

To a degree, it is reasonable to be afraid of making a first impression. When you’re diagnosed with social anxiety, the task of interacting with others can turn into a nearly impossible feat and it may take a couple more therapy programs before a person can get over it. While good impressions are not necessary, … Continue reading

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The Major Types of Anxiety Disorders

Let’s familiarize ourselves with the major types of anxiety disorders that require therapy programs provided by mental healthcare institutions like Teen Anxiety. Here’s what you need to know: Generalized Anxiety Disorder This is an anxiety condition that is characterized by chronic anxiety, tension, and exaggerated worry, even when there is little to nothing to provoke … Continue reading

Stop Those Subconscious Anxiety Patterns

Nobody completely understands the subconscious mind. It is complex and hidden, and without the help of a skilled counselor to guide you, it may also be difficult to find. The subconscious mind can be programmed in many ways, but the most common of all is repetition. Teen anxiety therapies were designed to help adolescents work … Continue reading

Reducing Your Teen’s Avoidance

Often, teens avoid going back to the place or places where they experienced having a panic attack, afraid that the uncomfortable physical sensations will come back. Although understandable, avoidance only worsens anxiety and increases the chances of your teen to experience more anxiety attacks. Teen anxiety therapies encourage gradual reintroduction to each stressful situation, starting … Continue reading