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The Hidden Signs of Teen Anxiety

The Hidden Signs of Teen Anxiety

Teens may go through some amount of anxiety at times. But it is a normal reaction to stress, and sometimes it helps them cope with overwhelming situations. For many teens, events like public speaking, competitions, or even going out on their first date can cause a ton of apprehensive feelings and uneasiness.

Because adolescents are known to experience a variety of physical and emotional development as they grow, an anxiety disorder, especially ones that might need anxiety medication, may be difficult to spot. Red flags might start appearing but may seem like usual teen struggles.

These are some signs of anxiety among teens:

  • Emotional Changes
    Keep an eye out for irritability, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, and unexplained outbursts.
  • Social Changes
    Keep an eye out for isolating from peers, avoiding social interactions, avoiding extracurricular activities, and spending increased time alone.
  • Physical Changes
    Keep an eye out for frequent headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and unexplained aches and pains.
  • Sleep Disturbances
    Keep an eye out for frequent nightmares, not feeling refreshed even after a full night’s sleep, and difficulty staying asleep.

Teen Anxiety is here to help your teens work through what they are feeling with skillful and certified treatments and anxiety medication for teens.

Call us today to get a professional evaluate and prescribe the needed medication or treatment your teen needs.

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