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Do Not Let Anxiety Rule Your World

Many of us struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. It can be something as small as worrying about something trivial or having an impending sense of doom for no reason at all. This anxiety can rule our world and prevent us from enjoying life. However, there is a way out. Teen Anxiety offers personalized … Continue reading

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3 Tips: How to Overcome Depression as a Teen

One of the hardest things that many teenagers go through is struggling with depression. Not only can it feel like a huge weight holding them down and preventing them from doing what they love, but it can be frustrating when people around them do not understand what they are going through or when they constantly … Continue reading

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5 Signs that Your Child Might Be Suffering from Anxiety

Parents, listen up! Anxiety in our teenage sons or daughters is not something they can just “get over” with. It is more than just feeling down and scared. It is akin to a monster creeping in their bed even if it is no longer night time. It is constantly there. And it will never leave … Continue reading

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6 Tips for High School Students

In high school, you will experience tons of “firsts”. There is your first kiss, first dance, first love, and of course, first heartbreak. This will be an understatement but – it will be a rollercoaster ride! Due to abrupt changes (other than physical) happening to you, it is not hard to get stuck in between. … Continue reading

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